Quality & Safety

Why is Quality important to us?

CH is committed to continuous quality improvement. We check and review our operations to ensure we have systems in place that are high quality and current best practice. Two board committees and an internal quality committee monitor ensures we are compliant with our governance plan.

Our Governance Plan

We have a full Governance Plan that summarizes all activity that supports high quality client care and covers all aspects of governance, including client services, information management, client and staff health and safety, financial management and human resources management.The Governance framework includes Community Participation, Clinical Effectiveness, Risk Management and providing an Effective Workforce.

What is Accreditation?

Every three years we are formally reviewed by Quality Innovation and Performance (QIP) to ensure that we have systems in place, that staff know how to use the system and that we review our systems to make sure they are effective and promote continuous quality improvement. Our most recent accreditation review was in October 2013 and we are currently working on a three year Quality Plan. Staff regularly monitor and evaluate programs and services to make sure that they are safe and effective and respond to the needs of our clients and carers. We also have regular audits to measure standards and ensure staff are working in a consistent and safe way.

Client Feedback

Feedback about our service from clients, carers or their families enables us to improve our services and ensures that we deliver the best possible care to our community.  We encourage suggestions, compliments and complaints and our staff are trained to work through issues raised and resolve them in a timely manner. Client feedback forms are available at all our sites and all feedback is confidential and does not stop you receiving service in the future.

Credentialing for our staff

We have a comprehensive recruitment and selection process that ensures all applicants provide a written application that includes their resume and an address to the key selection criteria.  Once applicants are shortlisted, they are invited to an interview where they are assessed by a panel of three which includes the line manager, a specialist in the area and often a consumer.  An assessment against the selection criteria is also required by referees including a previous line manager.  All relevant qualifications and proof of registration is verified at interview.  Successful applicants are required to undergo a police check and where applicable a working with children check.

Your Privacy Rights

We respect your right to privacy and are committed to protecting your privacy. We have systems and processes in place to ensure that we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.  We comply with all Victorian legislation relating to confidentiality and privacy, including the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic), the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) and the Information Privacy Act (2000).  Link to Privacy Policy

Legal Compliance

The CEO is responsible for making sure that we operate lawfully and report any breaches of law or suspected breaches to appropriate organisations, including legal authorities, police, government and the Board.  We have systems in place to ensure that we are aware of laws and any law changes.

Occupational Health and Safety

We have an Occupational Health and Safety Committee who meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss any accidents or incidents or hazards that have arisen and that require further review and action. Staff are trained in health and safety and are encouraged to report any incidents or hazards.  We also undertake a site audit on an annual basis to find any areas that are a hazard to either staff or clients.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management system aims to identify and manage risks across the whole organisation.  It is reviewed by the board on a three monthly basis. We have a Risk Register that keeps track of our risks which looks at the likelihood and consequences of any risk.