Our Strategic Goals & Values

Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Our Clients

Understand and meet client needs
Partner with our clients to expand and improve our services

Deliver outstanding service and care

Provide increased choice to the community whilst maintaining access for those most disadvantaged

Offer a team approach to services to enable people to improve health outcomes

Continue to shape and influence health promotion and prevention across the wider community

Our Sustainability

Sustain the future delivery of services
Maintain strong partnerships with funders

Invest in sustainable business models to increase impact

Diversify funding sources to enable provision of equitable service delivery

Strengthen partnerships to enable growth and innovation

Look at new ways of doing things in an increasingly competitive environment

Our People

Nurture a highly engaged, values driven workplace
Attract, retain and develop the people needed to underpin the strategic plan

Build a culture of customer service excellence

Develop an adaptive and flexible work environment

Create a culture that supports our people to achieve their full potential

Our Reputation

Position as leaders and a provider of choice
Enhance service provider relationships to improve client pathways and service coordination

Advocate for change to remove barriers to good health by influencing key policy and decision makers

Provide innovative and evidence-based services strengthened by collaborative partnerships

Build brand awareness, engagement and credibility for clients, service providers and key stakeholders

Our Capacity

Build organisational responsiveness and performance
Enhance our central location and increase outreach and colocation in community settings

Invest in technology to enable effective and efficient integrated care

Upgrade necessary infrastructure across the organisation

Monitor, measure and report on the things that matter

Improve access to our services to meet the changing needs of clients

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