With most children living and learning full-time from home at some stage during COVID-19, parents may have had increased exposure to their child’s development. This may have has raised concerns about their learning, cognitive skills, emotional functioning or behaviour. A neuropsychology assessment can help to assess, address and support these concerns as early as possible, which can have lifelong benefits for the child.

A Neuropsychologist develops a breadth of information to support families whose children (up to 16 years old) may be experiencing cognitive, learning, developmental, emotional, or behavioural difficulties.

A comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment develops an understanding of a child’s cognitive skills (i.e. thinking, learning, and memory skills) and development, to provide a set of individualised recommendations and strategies to support a child in daily life, including at home and school.

Due to the complex nature of the brain and how it can affect behaviour and emotions, a Neuropsychologist can also play an important part in exploring what may be contributing to behavioural or emotional difficulties.

Our Neurospsychology service is delivered via our partner organisation healthAbility. For more information please see our brochure and FAQ’s on this page. To book in for this service or find out more, please contact us or phone 03 9890 2220.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Fee's are involved for my child?

Depending on your individual situation and circumstances we can offer the Neuropsychology service either through Community Health system, NDIS plan or as a Private self-funding client. We are one of only a few Community Health services in Victoria to offer a Neuropsychology service for children. For more detailed information regarding our fee’s get in touch or visit our fee’s page here.

Where is your Neuropsychology service located?

This service is delivered via our partner location at healthAbility – 917 Main Road Eltham VIC 3095.

Details of your appointment will be discussed further at the time of booking.

Meet our Neuropscyhology team

Based at our partner site at healthAbility in Eltham, a bit about our team can be found in the attached flier: Meet our Neuropsychologists