Falls Prevention

It is estimated that one third of people over 65 have one or more falls a year, so keeping them safe is important for their ongoing wellbeing and their family’s peace of mind.

To help prevent and manage falls in older members of our community, Carrington Health is pleased to announce the launch of the Integrated Falls Assessment Service (IFAS), which aims to care for people who have had, or are at risk, of a fall.

Many organisations in the health sector including Community Health Services (like Carrington Health) and hospitals all agree that falls prevention is an important priority to ensure the health of older community members.  It’s important to Carrington Health that all our clients have access to the health services they need close to home; and Carrington Health are experts at partnering with other health services to tailor and deliver specific, affordable and effective health services.  Falls prevention programs like Carrington Health’s IFAS focus on prevention and early intervention by helping patients to manage their own conditions; which in turn aims to reduce the need for people to seek treatment at hospital emergency departments and hospital admission.

IFAS provides older people in the community with direct access to a geriatrician and a physiotherapist, and then provides access to other services offered by Carrington Health. It is also available for those in residential aged care with geriatric consultations available using telehealth via a computer.  The program is an excellent example of an integrated service that involves a number of health professionals working together to ensure the best health outcomes.  The patient’s GP continues to be involved with the patient and receives regular notes on the outcome of the consultation with the geriatrician and other Carrington Health allied health professionals.

Eligibility and Assessment
After a thorough assessment, a GP will advise the patient if they are concerned about balance or risk of falling. If a GP does identify the patient may be at risk, they will refer them to the IFAS program at Carrington Health where the geriatrician will undertake further assessment. Please note a referral from a GP is necessary to access this service, and the initial geriatric consultation is bulk billed. The geriatrician will share the outcomes of this assessment with the patient’s GP.

What does a geriatrician do?
A geriatrician is a medical doctor who specialises in the holistic care of older adults.  During the initial appointment, the geriatrician will conduct a comprehensive geriatric assessment.  They’ll talk about the clients overall health and medical history and any concerns the client may have.

The geriatrician may also recommend you participate in our ongoing ‘No Fallsfalls prevention program or other programs offered by Carrington Health such as our diabetes services, Heart Health program, podiatry, physiotherapy and/or dental services.

What does it cost?
The Integrated Falls Assessment Service is free of charge for Medicare Card Holders with a GP referral. Our other Carrington Health services are either low cost or free. Any costs will be explained to you when you make an appointment. Priority is given to people who have a Health Care Card, those on low incomes and those on a pension.

How do I make an appointment?
Once you obtain a referral from your GP, you or a member of your family can contact us to obtain more information about the Integrated Falls Assessment Service on 8843 2238 or email ifas@carringtonhealth.org.au Minimal waiting times apply to access this service. We respect your privacy and your details will be kept confidential. Your information will only be shared with other services with your permission.

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