New initiative to improve outcomes for cancer survivors

20 September 2018

The Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program has provided funding to Carrington Health to deliver allied health services in a community health setting to cancer survivors to improve their quality of life beyond acute treatment.

Cancer survival rates have increased markedly due to early detection and better treatments which means there are more people requiring support to recover after treatment. Carrington Health will work in partnership with Eastern Health, North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service and consumers, to provide facilitated access to community health services for people moving from acute treatments to post treatment and beyond. The project will build effective referral pathways for clients with a variety of cancer diagnoses that are not a good fit for intensive oncology rehabilitation.

The initiative will help people after cancer treatment access the support they need to improve their health and wellbeing. Carrington Health CEO Ronda Jacobs said “There are a number of factors which prevent people from accessing rehabilitation post cancer treatment, we are pleased to take this opportunity of building on existing options of service and ensuring the access to community health based care is part of a ‘joined up’ response to the needs of our local community”. Ms Jacobs said “Carrington Health is well placed to meet this growing need. We have the skills, expertise and infrastructure to focus on clients in the community with complex health and wellbeing needs”.

Rebecca Macintosh, Carrington Health Dietician, has commenced as the Project Manager. In coming months Carrington Health will be developing dedicated pathways for care and asking both consumers and staff about their experiences. “This is an exciting opportunity for us to deliver coordinated, multidisciplinary and appropriate services to a group of people who will benefit from services that are tailored to their own needs and aspirations. We know this project will form the connection between services to ensure the current gap in care is reduced. It will create ‘systems based’ and ‘people based’ links between hospital and community based care, grow the capacity of clinicians in community health to provide support for cancer survivors and ensure a person’s journey within our local healthcare system is coordinated and timely”, Ms Macintosh said.

The Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program is supported by the Victorian Government.