Healthy Eating Resources


Alcohol Drink Less Alcohol
Australian Guide to Healthy Eating Department of Health & Ageing plate model
Breakfast Eat Breakfast Everyday incl. Breakfast Ideas
Budget Shopping Tips for Eating on a Budget
Drinks Drink Water

Queensland Government Healthy drinks

Food Safety Queensland Government Safe Food, Safe Kitchens

Brimbank City Council Keep your food safe resource

Fruit and Vegetables Eat 2 fruit and 5 serves of vegetables everyday

Brimbank City Council Cooking vegetables

Brimbank City Council Preparing vegetables

Pantry foods & freezer foods Pantry & Freezer foods

Long life foods checklist

Physical Activity Do more exercise

Move more, sit less

Portion Size Eat Smaller Serves
Recipes The Step By Step Cookbook
Snacks Sometimes foods

Snacks recipes

Takeaway Options Takeaway or food court options
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Frequently Asked Questions:

A note on our Health Eating Resources:

This resource package was developed to address a gap in simple easy to read educational materials to promote healthy eating and physical activity in people with mental illness.

These resources are designed to engage interest and may encourage consumers to seek more detailed information. It can be used to support the delivery of basic nutrition education by non-nutrition mental health professionals (e.g. case managers/support workers/care coordinators) to their community-based patients/clients/consumers.

The package contains resources which are a useful first line of nutrition education. They are designed to support conversations when consumers identify a desire to adopt particular healthier lifestyle habits.

Use of these resources is not designed to replace referral for health professional (Dietetic) services. Rather the resources are intended to enhance effective partnership work between health professionals such as Dietitians and mental health workers to support improved physical health outcomes for consumers living with mental illness.

The pictorial resources have been sourced, adapted (with permission) and/or developed by Dietitians during a project conducted in 2015. Thank you to Neami National, Eastern Health Mental Health (Central East), and Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local (now Eastern Melbourne PHN and Outcome Health) in partnering with Carrington Health to produce this resource package.