Making a Referral

Frequently Asked Questions:

Making a referral via fax, phone or e-referral:

General Referrals

  • Our central contact number is 9890 2220
  • Referrals can also be faxed on 9898 8010
  • E–referrals are accepted via the S2S e- referral system utilising the SCTT form and suite of templates. E-referral is the most secure form of client information transfer and is therefore the referral method of choice. The SCTT can be included for all referral mechanisms.
  • Please click here to download a SCTT

For Team Care Arrangements

  • Referrals can also be faxed on 9898 8010
  • It is preferred that the VSRF (Victorian Statewide Referral Form) be used. Please click here to download a VSRF pdf form.
  • Support is available for all general practitioners via Eastern Melbourne PHN (EMPHN).

All team care arrangement requests will be acknowledged via fax within two working days. Once assessment has been undertaken with the necessary health professional a summary of assessment findings and planned treatment will be forwarded to the general practitioner.

What happens once you receive my referral?
  • Your patients first point of contact will be with our reception staff who will direct them to the appropriate point of triage and/or screening.
  • Depending on their referral, some patients will be contacted by our Health Access (Service Coordination) team to undertake an Initial Needs Identification.
  • This screening is based on the Demand Management Framework and the Victorian Service Coordination practice standards and utilises the SCTT forms and templates.
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