Diabetes Step By Step Program

This program offers you an opportunity to become familiar with and develop skills to manage your diabetes condition. The program has been developed to complement the information and care provided by your GP.

This program offers you an opportunity to learn and develop skills in diabetes self-management whether you are newly diagnosed or needing to get back on track with your diabetes control. Having diabetes can be challenging, but by having the knowledge and skills you will be able to understand your treatment, problem solve, make the right choices and work with your doctor to achieve optimum diabetes control. This is essential to reduce your risk of diabetes complications and stay well.

What will I get out of it?

  • Lifestyle factors that support better management of diabetes
  • How to plan suitable meals and snacks
  • How physical activity, stress, sleep and other factors help or hinder
  • Tracking your progress — testing your blood sugar
  • An individual plan of practical changes to minimise the effects of diabetes & maximise your health in the coming decades

What does it involve?

The program offers sessions with a nurse that is flexible.

  • A group session with a dietician covering the basics of diabetic diet and reducing heart disease risk
  • Other sessions over the year on a range of practical food topics
  • A group session with a podiatrist to learn how to keep your feet in good shape

Individual Diabetes Education

If you’re wanting to talk with somebody on an individual basis about your diabetes we do have a Diabetes Nurse Educator who can help you.

Who can use this service?

Diabetes services are available to people who work, live or study in the City of Whitehorse and we prioritise our services for people on low-medium incomes and holders of Health Care or Pension cards.

What does it cost?

Cost is $45 non concession or $40 concession

How do I make an appointment?

To make further enquiries about our services, please contact our Reception Team on 9890 2220, between 8.30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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