Access & Support

The Access & Support team help people find the right services that allow them to continue living life at home. It is a supportive service designed to help people with different needs or facing unique circumstances, to get started on a Community Home Support Program (CHSP).

Access & Support work with people who-

  • Have a disability
  • Are older adults with complex health needs
  • Need extra support due to language or communication barriers
  • Have unique cultural or religious needs
  • Are facing financial hardship or are at risk of homelessness.

CHSP provides the supports for people to-

  • Live well at home and keep active
  • Get connected to their community
  • Manage the role of being a carer

Our team are dedicated to working with individuals to know what is important to them, what their values are and what they need to feel safe and to live well at home. They also work together with each individuals network of family, friends, community and health professionals so they are supported in all areas of their life.

To find out more please contact us on 9890 2220 or make an enquiry online. 

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