Community Health Nursing

Community health nurses work in partnership with you and your family, as well as in the communities where our clients live and work, to promote optimal health and well-being for everyone.

Community health nurses at Carrington Health are involved in family, health promotion, health education, illness prevention and health screening. They work with other health professionals as a team to ensure your health needs are identified & treated. Carrington Health Community Health Nurses also support people to manage long-term health conditions for better health.

At Carrington Health our community health nurses largely focus on the care of people with one or more chronic health conditions.  In particular, in the assessment and care of people diagnosed with diabetes or cardiovascular health problems (heart and circulation). We can provide you with both clinic based and outreach services.

Who can use this service?
One-to-one Community Health Nurse assessment is available to you and will assist you in obtaining the best care and support in managing your chronic condition and overall health.

You need to work, live or study in the City of Whitehorse and we prioritise our services for people on low-medium incomes and holders of Health Care or Pension cards

What does it cost?
For information about all fees and charges please visit Our Fees.

How do I make an appointment?
To make further enquiries about our services, please contact our Reception Team on 9890 2220, between 8.30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.


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