Family Violence & Abuse Counselling for Women

What is family violence?

‘Family violence is when someone behaves abusively towards a family member. It is part of a pattern of behaviour that controls or dominates a person and causes them to fear for their own or others’ safety and well being. Violent and abusive behaviour includes physical and sexual violence, as well as financial, emotional and psychological abuse’. (Definition via Domestic Violence Victoria)

What we provide

Our counselling services are here to help. Some of the women who see us may be-

  • Currently experiencing family violence
  • Feeling unsafe in the family home
  • Experiencing abuse from former partners
  • Suffering as a result of an abusive experience in the past

Our counsellors aim to help women feel safe and heard. We are here to build confidence and self-esteem, to help women feel strong enough to rebuild their lives.

To receive counselling support for you or someone you know, please get in contact with us today or phone 9890 2220

For emergency or crisis support call 000, Lifeline on 13 11 14  or visit the list of support contacts on the Domestic Violence Victoria website.
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