Steps Mental Health

Mental Health Stepped Care focuses on linking you in with the right level of support that you need. The approach takes into account the bigger picture of your health, including your physical, social and mental health needs.

One of the main features of Mental Health Stepped Care is that it is flexible – we know that the level of support you need will change over time, and if that happens, we change with you.

A good way to think about this is ‘stepping up’ or ‘stepping down’ as your needs change. We stay with you along this journey. This means you can get what you need, without having to change care providers every time you step up or step down.

Everyone in our community is welcome to use this service and you don’t need a referral from your doctor to get started.

You can even refer a friend or family member who you are concerned about.

  • To get started you can fill in the form available on the Steps Mental Health website.
  • For more info you can also visit Who can access Steps and the Steps Locations page.
  • This program is delivered by Carrington Health in partnership with other Inner East Community Health providers.
  • Get in touch with us direct if you need more by contacting us or calling 9890 2220