Children’s Services – A Client’s Story

“My son Jake has been attending Carrington Health’s Children’s Service for nearly two years, initially for speech therapy and now through further testing, speech and occupational therapy.

I have been amazed with their professionalism and dedication to him. I feel that I am constantly provided with support, ideas and information needed for Jake to grow and learn to be equal to children his own age.

During this time, we were offered a spot in the ‘Mother Goose’ singing program. Not only was this program beneficial to him, but for me as I was able to meet other families in similar situations – one of which we continually see outside now that the program has finished.

Along with this program, therapy sessions and communication with his kinder, going forward I know I have their continuous support and know my son has been given the best start, despite all the hurdles.  I have no doubt he will continue to improve and am looking forward to seeing him succeed in anything the future brings”.

Mary – Mother of Jake a Children’s OT and Speech Pathology client.