Elaine goes from strength to strength

Elaine’s fight for fitness over the past few years has been an incredibly challenging battle. Now in her 70’s and living with several major health conditions, she has committed to improving her physical health so she can regain her mobility.

“After having by-pass surgery, the hospital recommended I continue my rehab by coming to use Carrington Health’s services.”

I initially joined the Good Life Gym class but now I also do the Heart Health class twice a week , as well as regularly seeing other health practitioners here.”

“It was a matter of having to build my body up again, so I could move around”. She adds, ”I’ve even got my husband Malcolm involved in the groups and programs here, because he wasn’t doing much and was losing mobility as well. He enjoys it.”

The Heart Health class is supported by a team of three including, Edward the Physiotherapist, Valerie the Nurse and Fitness Leader Melinda. Melinda speaks proudly of Elaine’s progress and achievements.

“Elaine has shown a commitment to remain mobile. Her husband Malcolm also has complex health issues, so together they are motivated to stay healthy and remain independently living at home with some assistance from their son.” -Melinda

Melinda continues, ”By coming here, Elaine has been able to manage her health more holistically by using a range of our services on offer such as our physical activity programs, dietetics (dietitian), diabetes education, No Falls and Balance groups.”

Elaine is proving that it’s never too late to get active. Getting back into regular physical activity has sparked her enjoyment of exercise, that she recalls from her youth.

“I was very sporty when I was younger and won several awards for basketball, which I played three times a week, I used to do gymnastics and whatever else was going at school. As I got older and had two children I got out of the exercise regime and I really missed it”.

She talks about how she has found the motivation this time around; ”It’s amazing how you really want to get into it again. I go on the treadmill, I pedal the exercise bike machine for my upper body strength and I walk around the block as much as I can. Eddie’s got me doing exercises between the bars as well, to help with my balance because that’s what I have a lot of difficulty with”.

”I am motivated because I realise I have to keep pushing myself, otherwise my body will go to nothing.”

Elaine has found the gym environment to be a friendly and caring community. She says, “Malcolm and I were away for three weeks and when I returned everyone was welcoming me back and asking how Malcolm was.”

Melinda says, “The social connection factor is huge for a lot of our people, being socially active again and reconnected is really positive. New clients are sometimes apprehensive at first until they get started. They may have been socially isolated due to health issues and their self-confidence may be very low. I get so much pleasure seeing our clients become more confident with what their bodies can do as they realise their capabilities. It lifts their spirits; you get to see that little glint in their eye. Just like Elaine’s”.

At Carrington Health our goal is to help the people in our communities to live better and longer lives. To find out more about our groups, programs and health and well-being services make an enquiry or call us on 9890 2220.