Good Life Club

“Welcome! What an introduction to an organisation such as Carrington Health and their Good Life Club. Apprehension is often there at one’s first visit but it quickly gives way when you’re accepted into the ‘family’ – a group of mature people with different needs and a desire to be assisted to improve their abilities.

I’ve had the privilege of being involved with programs including the Good Life Club/Gym, diabetics support and group talks on better management of chronic conditions, all supported by dietitians, podiatrists, dentists and others.

The Good Life Gym stands out as I’ve appreciated the regular assessment and personal adjustment to plans with encouragement to ‘walk the walk’ at an individual pace which can only mean one’s self esteem rises and one becomes more supportive and outgoing.  The emphasis has always been on what you CAN do – it’s often a surprise.

The staff, assistants and students are professional, empathetic and have the ability to work alongside and quietly suggest changes or give encouragement.

If you are offered a place in any area of these programs, take it, as it is a privilege”.

Lorna – Good Life Club Participant