The Patch

The Patch are here to help little people with their health, well being, growth and development. We are an integrated service working with children from infancy through to adolescence, along with their families and/ or carers.

What do we mean by ‘integrated’? 

We work together to provide a complete picture of your child’s health and well-being. This makes us unique, as our team all come from different specialist areas to provide holistic outcomes for your child. Our team includes a Paeditrician, Paediatric Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Dietitians and a Child Psychologist.

Why would my child visit The Patch?

The little people who visit us often have difficulties in some of the areas listed below. Our clinic provides assessment, diagnosis and therapy for a number of conditions and disorders. Some examples include Autism Spectrum and Attention Deficit Disorders. There are a number of reasons why your child would visit the Patch though. Keep in mind, your child does not require a formal diagnosis before they visit us. Some of the specific areas your child may have difficulty in include-

  • Movement and coordination- running, jumping, cutting food, tying shoelaces
  • Independence- getting dressed, showering and general self care
  • Concentration- such as sitting still at school or kindergarten and paying attention
  • Reading and writing- Includes comprehension and general language skills
  • Communication- Talking and being understood by other people
  • Emotions- Managing anger, feelings or anxiety
  • Social Skills- Confidence and making friends
  • Lifestyle- Eating a range of foods and thriving
We have a goal to achieve

We believe that every child deserves a chance to reach their potential and discover their abilities. That’s why it’s our goal to work together to ‘investigate’ your child’s functional and learning potential, so that we can help them build bright futures. We make sure our environment is supportive for both the children and families we see.

For more information you can scroll down to read our FAQ’s , email us at or contact us below:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book an appointment?
  • Send an inquiry in the form above
  •  Email or
  • Call us on 9890 2220, between 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday



Do I need a referral?
  • Although your child does not need a formal diagnosis to access the Patch services, you will need a GP referral if seeing our Paediatrician.
  • All other services can be accessed without a doctor’s referral. To get started, contact us to find out more about this process.
What will it cost?

There are number of ways you may be able to contribute to the payment of your service at The Patch.

  • We are a registered NDIS provider, so you may be able to fund your consultation through your NDIS package
  • A part rebate may be available through Medicare, if you have a GP referral
  • Private health insurance may provide a rebate, depending on your level of cover
  • Health Care Card holders may receive a subsidised fee.

Please note that we do require payment on the day of your consultation.

If unsure if you qualify for any of the above payment options, please ask about our fees when you make your booking. For private health insurance, we recommend you connect with your provider with questions about your level of cover.

Will I get a rebate for my private health insurance?
  • We offer on the spot private health insurance rebates for most providers.
  • You are advised to contact your provider with any questions you may have about your level of cover, before your appointment with the Patch.


Can I use my NDIS package at the Patch?
  • We are a registered NDIS provider, so you may be able to fund your consultation through your NDIS package.
  • Click to view our infographic on our NDIS Child and Family Services
  • Send us an inquiry in the above contact form, to find out more.
What should I bring to my appointment?

Before your initial appointment you will be sent an information pack explaining what you need to bring on the day.

The main items are-

  • Your payment and relevant medicare/ healthcare or private health cards (discussed at time of booking)
  • Medical reports and consultation letter (including GP or other health therapies)
  • School, kindergarten or childcare reports and letters
  • Other documents you think are relevant to your appointment
Do you also run group programs for children?

Our Child and Family team provide a range of groups and programs throughout the year, to support the unique needs of families and parents. Check our News and Events page for upcoming programs. Some of our previous sessions have included topics such as:

• Parenting with less stress
• School superstars (school readiness program)
• Helping your anxious child
• Managing problem behavior

To find out more about our  upcoming programs get in contact today or phone us on 9890 2220

Where are you located?

The Patch is located at Ground Floor, 43 Carrington Rd Box Hill.

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